Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Tapering we go....

ORN: 4 miles, no watch, easy

With the half marathon last week, it didn't feel like part of the taper...I had something to look foward to. Now, I'm just winding down, looking to April 9. Gee, four miles feels short. And I'm starting the taper obsession...thinking about details. Little lists around the house. Feeling twinges in my knee or leg that may or may not really be there.

Pretty much normal stuff.

My main concern now is not to eat myself into blimp-dom. Getting nervous or not busy can cause me to nibble. More Wheat Thins?? Why, thanks, don't mind if I do!! Gotta watch that, plus keep up the core exercises on lower back and abs.


Enjoy your Tuesday. And Persevere.

1 comment:

Darrell said...

Those crazy little twinges will drive you batty. It happens to me everytime. Fun indeed.