Thursday, March 02, 2006

Nighttime Run

ORN: 5 miles, no watch, felt great

I hardly ever run in the evening, but tonight was an exception. The marathon is now only 5 weeks away and I'm feeling the pressure to get the miles in. I missed a day earlier in the week, due to travel. Got my long 9 miler in on Wednesday morning (which went well). But a work project got a lot of overtime yesterday and early today. No go this morning, since I was out of the house for work before 6:30. And I didn't want to put it off until Friday, with a big run set for Saturday

So, off I went after helping G with the dishes. It actually felt a lot like a morning run, except with a lot more traffic on the road. Nice run. And I think I needed it.

Saturday is an 18 miler. Oh my. I'm a bit in awe and this is why an 18 miler is on the schedule. To remove the awe. To build the brain to stay moving for three hours. So, off we go.

Oh yeah, note to self: persevere.

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