Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wedding Photos -- Matt and Stephanie, April 22, 2017

This post is not about running but about family, serving as an on-line catch point for photos.

Our youngest son, Matt, married Stephanie Dana on Saturday, April 22, 2017.   It was a fantastic family event.   Here are a few of the better photos of the day.

Just after the wedding service, the smiling couple express the joy of the day.  I love this photo, it captures so very, very much.  

Here is how the day unfolded.

A little fuzzy, but here I am with Matt about fifteen minutes before the wedding started.

Stephanie walking down the aisle with her parents.  

Here's my daughter-in-law Angela with our two-year old granddaughter Stella, "helping" to take a rose to the altar before the wedding.

Here's our immediate family, after the wedding.  We have three sons, now all married and four grandchildren.   A great joy to be with everyone.    Three daughters in law now; three wonderful women, as unique as the men they married.

And here's my extended family.   My three sisters, their spouses, 8 of our 10 total children, THEIR spouses and THEIR children.  A great bunch...and they all came to our house later for tacos!    Love this bunch so much.  

We then moved to the reception hall, across the street from the church in downtown Lafayette.

At the reception, they presided from the head table.   With an 11:00am wedding, this became lunch and folks hung around until nearly 4pm.   Great time with family and friends.  

Tacos are always in style...and we all enjoyed them at our house after the reception.

And, yes, there is a running angle to all this.   Three weeks before the wedding, Matt, Stephanie and our oldest son David formed a three-person team to run the Circular Logic Marathon Relay, where I'm the Race Director.  Creatively, they named their team "Joe's Kids".  They finished in 3:56, which prompted David to say to me, "Shoot, Dad, what's the big deal about a sub-four-hour marathon?  We just did it and feel fine!"   Funny, my son.

So, that's a few pictures from a big day in our family life.   We are thrilled to welcome Stephanie to our family and thrilled at the wonderful match the two of them are for each other.   Hope you can smile with us.

Persevere.   For better, for worse.