Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm a Race Director for the Circular Logic Marathon!

Haven't mentioned in this space a fun running experiment this spring for me.

I'm the Race Director the The Circular Logic Marathon on March 31.  The whole idea came up a year ago...I wondered if we couldn't have a simple, small, low-cost marathon here in West Lafayette.  I had hoped we could do an indoor marathon at the nice indoor track at Purdue but that didn't work out.  So, I proposed to our local running we try another venue, a city park nearby.   Lots of us run on the park's paved trails and, with a little creativity, we mapped out a 1.0 mile loop in the park. 

So, we launched it late last year.  We've been getting registrations weekly but it's a small race so far, just under 30 at the moment.   We do have the famous Larry Macon running, though...Larry is famous for holding the world record for the most marathons run in a calendar year...113 in 2011.  It'll be cool to meet Larry.

I'm finding it fascinating to organize a race.  I did this to "give back"...I enjoy running so much and how many, many volunteers have made all those races happen.  So, this is a way of saying "thanks" in a small way too. 

I'll keep you posted on how this race rolls along...we'd love to have you or your friends come and run 26 laps in a nice park!!

Persevere...round and round...persevere.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 Race Plans

ORN:   17 miles

So where will I run this year??  I'm actually having a bit of a quandry in setting up the schedule, complicated a bit more today when I had to cut my planned 22 mile run short, to do only 17.  Is this a way to be set for a 54K trail run in 8 weeks??  I'm having doubts.

Well, anyway, here's what I have registered for at this point:

  • March 24-- Kal-Haven 33.5 Mile Trail Race, Kalamazoo, Michigan.  I ran this last year, did not finish strong and want to do it better this year.  I'm not sure I'm set, though.  
  • April 21--Carmel Marathon, Carmel, Indiana (N of Indy).  2nd year for this race, just an hour from my home.  They moved it to a great date, so I'm taking a shot at it.
  • May 26--Bayshore Marathon, Traverse City, Michigan.  I've been wanting to run this highly-regarded race for three years and only got it now...the marathon sold out in 4 days in December.  Along Lake Michigan, for the Memorial Day weekend.  
  • August 25--North Country Trail Marathon, Manistee, Michigan.  Well into the northern Michigan woods, I'm really looking forward to this trail race at the end of the summer. 
It also appears likely Wes, Darrell and I may have a get together in November at the Chicamunga Battlefield Marathon...stay tuned for details.  

Made a couple of simplifying changes to this blog as well.  On the sidebar, I just have two race links.  One is an updated list of all my races I could find, 105 in all as of today.  Feel free to peruse, there are multiple tabs.  The other is a list of my planned races...both the ones I'm signed up for and the ones I'm still wondering if I'll enter.  

I have a couple of other changes in mind for how I run this blog...that should become evident soon.