Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A blog on a jog in the fog of a bog

ORN: 5 miles, comfortable pace; back was sore

After a rainy day Monday, cool air came in overnight and at 5:30am there was a frosty fog in the still morning air. It was really cool, because while the fog was thick enough to not see well horizontally, I could look up and still see the stars and Venus and Mars. Quiet, still, one felt alone. Having no wind also helped.

At one point on the trail (and I'm glad in the fog I am so familiar with every turn on it!), it dips along side a swampy area. That moisture developed a thicker fog...and then a small hit after it allowed me to climb out of the fog. Way cool to see at the very slow speed at which I run.

On the way back, I saw running pal Lu who, along with her hubby and a number of local runners, did the Little Rock Marathon this past weekend. They had a fun road trip. Great stuff!


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