Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Feelin' bad, running well. How odd.

ORN: 9.2 miles, 1:26:49, 9 26/mile

Running is so fascinating at times. It instructs so well and so directly.

This was my last long midweek run, as I taper to St Louis. I ended up being up late, so the alarm at 4:55am was brutal. I drug myself out, though. Looked at the temperature, 25, and could see it was windy. Yuck. Pull on the layers, head out in the dark.

The first part of my run goes north and west...right into the wind. Felt pretty tough. I was tired and not enjoying it. Yet I knew this was key if Iwas to survive 26.2. It kept feeling rough.

Then, I noticed some of the splits pop up on the Garmin. Hmmm...getting better. So, I stayed with it.

I never really felt all that good. Yet, the splits below were some of the best I've had in four weeks. The turnover was there on the legs. Even though it was hardly smooth or enjoyable.

Yeah, life is like that. Gotta go do it, even when it feels rotten. And sometimes the results are good, even when it doesn't feel good.

9 35, 9 22, 9 43, 9 41, 9 26
9 38, 9 20, 9 17, 8 58, 1 43 (@8 40)

Go figure.



Susan said...

I'm glad you had good results! Hope you feel better.

Darrell said...

Go figure indeed. I've had days like that as well. The legs felt slow, the effort felt hard, but the watch doesn't lie. Way to hang in there.

You'll probably be done with the half by the time you get this. Hope it goes well.