Monday, March 13, 2006

Lightning, but not Greased

ORN: Friday: 14.4 miles @ 9:44
Monday: 1 mile, avoiding being electrocuted

Got in this week's long run on Friday, as my son Matt and I headed for a guys' weekend in Nashville, enjoying country music.

The run was a good 'un (there's the country influence...) in that I planned to run at 9:45 and had to hold myself back to stay there. Interesting, in that I usually have a Gu about every 5 miles on my long runs, but forgot the gel this time. I felt that lack of glucose by about mile 10.

This week is the big one before the marathon on April 9. I was set to do 5 this morning. But the line of thunderstorms that spawned all the tornadoes over the weekend in Missosuri and Illinois passed through here the same time I wanted to run. The lightening was real...and I decided to not discover my exact coefficient of conductivity.

10 miler before work on Wednesday, then 20 on Saturday, plus the other 5 milers....a busy week.


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Anonymous said...

Joe - Ran across your blog, thought I would say, "Hi!" I used to live in Lafayette and work in West Lafayette, I now live south of Crawfordsville. I just took up running last year, so, I am a rookie. I am training for the Indy 500 Mini - looking forward to it. I walked it last year, I am hoping to run all the way this year. Trainging is going okay, distance seems to be okay, I just would like to get a little faster. (I do a consistent 10 min/mile) Oh, well, maybe in time.

Are you doing the Spring Fling in Plainfield this weekend? I am signed up for the 5K.

Take Care, hope to chat some!