Thursday, March 09, 2006

Grungy Weather, like Life At Times

ORN: Yesterday: 9.2 miles at 10:02 pace
Today: 5 miles, no watch, comfortable pace

"Some days, it's a labor of love; other days, it's just labor."

I can't remember where I heard that quote but it is humourously applicable. One of the great things about running is how it mirrors life. And, by looking in the mirror, we understand better.

Yesterday was the mid-week long run. It was in the low 40s and raining and windy at 5am. But I needed to get the run in, so out I went. I actually aclimated to the rain pretty quickly and felt OK. But the splits were horrible. I simply could not get the legs to turn over at any decent pace. I suspect it was simply the effect of the 18 miler last Saturday.

This morning brought more rain and even stronger winds, despite the 57 degree temperatures. Out I went again, reminding myself of how grateful I would be for this come marathon day on April 9.

The mirror? There are great days, like last Saturday's 18 miles in marvelous weather. There are fascinating days, like Mondays jog in the fog of a bog. And there are hard days, like yesterday and today.

And ya gotta get out the door for each.

You have to jump in and do it. Know yourself. Understand the reason.

Good stuff. Even in the cold, dark rain.


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David said...

Good for you making it happen. There is certain satisfaction in winning the training race, which is to say you complete it in one piece. I mean what's 26.2 miles compared to the hundreds you put in to train?