Thursday, November 16, 2006

Teetering on the Edge of the Bed

ORN: 3 miles, no watch

Business travel can sure wreak havoc with the running schedule. I was at a two-day seminar, which, while useful professionally, had too much eating, too much sitting, too little sleeping and too much driving in too much rain. I did manage one run on Tuesday, but it was rather unsatisfying.

Getting home late Wednesday night, I set the alarm to go run on the A Course this morning. When the alarm went off, though, it was a struggle. I forced myself to at least sit up on the edge of the bed, no small task considering how tired I was. I then smiled and remembered the motivational phrase I use at that moment: "If you don't get up, you won't finish the marathon."

It was a good thing I didn't know any more about the weather than the temperature. While 42F is not a problem in itself, the 20mph wind and pelting drizzle were tough this morning. I cut the planned 5 miler down to 3 in the lousy conditions. I need to do 18 on Saturday and I'm still shy about my right ITB.

But I did get out. And it was mind over mattress for at least one cold, dark morning.



Jodi said...

Way to beat a mind that wanted to sleep in! Getting out in those conditions is a victory.

Don't forget to stretch really well the night before your 18 miler and the morning of. It was what saved my ITB!


Wes said...

Yup. Just getting out in that kind of weather is impressive! Keep that ITB happy!

boatgirl said...

Thanks for the comments. We should chat more. Looking at the course for the HM in STL, it looks like a good set. The hills start around Forest Park. Believe me, I know those. Also, my husband is really into Lean Manufacturing. He worked at the Toyota Plant in Princenton for a third party logistics firm... I'll let him know about your blog.

Sarah said...

LOL! Mind over mattress... I'll have to remember that one! : )

Backofpack said...

Good for you! And thanks for the new thought: mind over mattress.

That weather you're describing - I don't recall you mentioning you were coming by for a visit!