Saturday, November 18, 2006

7 is not 18

ORN: 7+ miles, significant knee pain

The enthusiasm I had a week ago today after doing 16 miles was completely reversed today.

I set out to do 18 around mid-day, as a last long run before the Tecumseh Trail Marathon two weeks from today. Three miles in, I could tell my right ITB/right knee was not in good shape. By five miles, the pain was severe enough that I had to walk some. I cut off the route and headed back home, in a run/walk sequence. Once home, I pulled on a compressive knee brace and went back out to see if that helped. Nope.

I'm not fully sure what to do. My thinking at the moment, though, is to take it easy the next two weeks and then just see what happens on Dec 2. If I can make it, I make it. If the pain is severe, I'll take a DNF and be OK with it.

I had hoped this ITB issue was behind me. I'm guessing not. But, we will get through it. An ITB injury is not cancer. It is not a dangerously harmed relationship. It is not a burnt-out house. Perspective is important and I had a good chance to think through that all day.



Backofpack said...

Bummer! Joe, you remember Jenny right? I'll have to ask her the name, but there is some kind of taping technique that the pt used on her legs last summer. Today her knee was bothering her so she taped it up and it helped. It's not the traditional wrap it around kind of taping, but something that runs along ligaments and supports them. I'll try to find out and let you know what it's called, but I probably won't see her till next weekend.

Darrell said...

Man, that's tough. Keep up the regimen that was making it better, ice, roller, stretching and rest. Especially the rest part. You already have the endurance to get through 26.2 and speed wasn't the point of this one so things may still be OK.

I'm looking forward to the run and we'll take whatever the day brings in stride.

Unknown said...

The rest for the next two weeks seems appropriate. The best advice I can give is from a song, it might be scripture as well, but don't quote me. "Have faith in the Lord for he is good." Take care and persevere like you always do Joe.

Anonymous said...

I agree. When my ITB was at its worst, I stopped two weeks before the half. And that was my first one, when I had only run 9 miles as my longest. The rest helped, and I managed to finish.
But you are wise to put things in perspective, Joe. We all should:)

Sarah said...

You're's not the worst thing in the world. But it's still no fun! I agree with Darrell. Just keep up your regimen. Rest is good, but for me total rest didn't help. I also found that it got worse before it got better. Take care! I think you can still do it! : )

Wes said...

Sorry to hear that Joe! You have an excellent perspective. See how things work out, hope for the best, and if it ain't the best, well that's OK too. I'm rooting for ya.

Running Chick said...

others have already given the good advice...and don't be afraid to use the roller twice a day if necessary!

excellent perspective, as usual joe.


JeffM said...

Great perspective and hard to remember when you're hurting.
I saw that you did 4:21 at the Portland marathon- I saw you cross the line- but of course didn't know that. I got there at 4:05 by the finish line clock to watch a friend finish.