Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How to make Big Money taking Marathon Photos

ORN: Zero...still resting ITB

In the early 80s, I had this idea of taking photographs of people doing sports. I figured I'd then sell them the photos and make a lot of money just hanging around sporting events. I called the company "ActionPix" and did some work around town

Well, I wasn't that good of a photographer and was even a poorer salesman. Plus, doing this with film cameras required a lot of up-front costs. All that was left of ActionPix was a rubber stamp with my return address. But, now that I'm running, I see the keys I missed for wild financial success. I illustrate, with myself, from the Portland Marathon.

Step 1. Get photos with significant local landmarks in the back ground.

Here I am at the 17 mile mark, coming off the famous and visible St. John's Bridge. It makes for a great backdrop. It also helps that I see myself here yacking with my newly-found running friend Phil. This was about the time Phil wanted to pick up the pace. I was urging him not do...and they captured the moment on film.

Step 2. Capture touching human moments.

Like a high five with a kid. I'm amazed they got this photo. The timing is impecible, even if the high five is "wimpy", as my 18 year old described it.

It's also good I have this photo...as I absolutely can't remember the moment. From the background, I know it was with about 3/4 of a mile to go to the finish. I wasn't thinking of much else at that point besides just finishing. The legs were shot and I was hanging on. I am pleased that I at least managed a wan smile for the kid who was trying to encourage me.

Step 3. Capture the finish with the race logo in the background.

This is the photo I want as a runner. That instant when I realized it was over, I made it, another marathon under the belt. I knew I had a PR and despite the physical exhaustion, I'm thrilled. And they captured it for me. Not to mention the high-tech mat timing device being held up by a milk crate. Hey, it's all there.

Yeah, I paid the money for the photos. And if only ActionPix had been around to participate.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.


Wes said...

Great pix, Joe! You don't LOOK that tired to me :-) But what do I know. I was about to collapse at the end of my 10K and everyone said I looked strong. Hee, hee. I luv my digital camera by the way. I can reach out and capture my boys playing soccer from across the field, and delete 90% of them because they stink!

Backofpack said...

Great photos Joe! I really had to hunt for mine, because I had my number on my belt and it was bugging me so I swung it to the back. Hard to find the photos that way!

Unknown said...

Nice photos Joe. I don't buy a lot of race photos, but for my first marathon my sister-in-law surprised me by buying the photos and then displaying them in a frame along with the bib number from the race and gave them to me over a year later on Christmas. It was one of the best gifts I received on any Christmas.