Friday, November 03, 2006

On the road while on the road

ORN: about 3 miles, 30:10

A few months after I started running in 1978, I bought and devoured the seminal running book of that day, “The Complete Book of Running” by the late Jim Fixx. In a chapter on finding time to run, Fixx told business travelers that there was usually a “down time” between the end of a day’s meetings and the obligatory dinner with associates. Use that time to run, he admonished.

I have no idea why I remember that tidbit from a book I read 28 years ago. Shoot, I can’t even remember how to set the table properly. But I’m in some business meetings in Indianapolis and as the day wound down on Thursday, Fixx’s admonition came to mind and I made it work.

I had noted on the drive in that our hotel was only one block off of the route of the
Indianapolis Marathon & Half-Marathon, which I had run in 2005 but missed this year with my knee problem. It is kind of amazing to me how one can remember a race route though only running it once. So, I decided to do part of that route in the 30 minutes I could scrape up before dinner.

The run felt good. I turned a corner and came to the spot which triggered an
entry on my professional blog I wrote not long after that race on how not to coach. That made me smile. The right knee felt good throughout. I was grateful.

Long run set for Saturday…that’s the next hurdle.



Backofpack said...

Way to work it in Joe! I'm glad to hear your knee is feeling better. I popped over to your other blog and read about Coach Dan. Kind of amazing that he didn't know better. That leads me to another question about the other blog - I thought the name of the company was Lean until I heard Eric make a remark about a company using a lean manufacturing process. Is that what it means?

Wes said...

I'm glad your knee is shaping up! As a perennial evening runner, you got to do what you got to do. Last night, I managed to get out at 7:30 PM :-) Still, its dark when I start and dark when I get home. Just like before the time change. Have a great long run!!

Unknown said...

Good luck with that long run. I hope the knee is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, i found your blog via wes's blog, sounds like we'll be on the "HM Express" team! i'll add you to my blogline :o)