Saturday, November 19, 2005

Setting Up for 20 miler

ORN: 14.2 miles, 2:21:22, 9:57 pace

Continue to dial up the miles in preparation for doing two laps, about 21 miles, of the HUFF (actually a 50km ultra trail race) on December 17. Today marked the next-to-longest run in my prep.

And the run felt great. I have no time target for the HUFF, as it is a trail race. Last year, I did one lap in just under 2 hrs and that was an 11:00 pace. So, I'm not worried about pace right now. I just want to get the miles in.

I felt a "something might be letting go" type of feel today around mile 5 in my right quad. Boy, that wasn't good. Checking my Forerunner, I noted I had sped up to a 9:25 pace, so I just backed that down. By a mile later, it was unnoticable. I didn't feel any other twinges. Legs were a bit tired around the 11 mile mark but not bad. I did a Gu packet at 5 and 10 mile marks and that seemed to help.

I wondered just how far I could have gone today. I was, in no way, out of gas. I thought about putting on a couple more miles, but thought better of that, in light of the total miles I did this week. But I do think I could have easily done 4 more. Probably could have gutted out 6.

Next Saturday--16 miles. That's tops, then taper for the next two Saturdays into the race.


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