Monday, November 28, 2005

Learning from a Long Run

ORN: Zero. Rest day today, Monday

It amazes me what running teaches me sometime.

Had a very hectic day at work, got in before 7 and will be going till 6, almost non stop. I've set up a number of "pacing" times for myself and it hit me just how much those are like a pacing band for a race...knowing you hit (or miss) the splits at the mile markers, knowing if you are on track, going to have to push it or adjust your brain to having blown it, early.

And some runs require you just to keep plugging. As do some days.

And plugging along is usually rewarded. Even when you are shot.

You learn a lot.



susie said...

This is so true. I've learned so much from running.

susie said...

Hmm, I just read your About Me--David happens to be one of my favorite names (Dad, brother, friends), and of course, Susan:) and your last name is my mom's maiden name. Interesting.