Friday, September 21, 2007

Adventures in Plant Pathology

ORN: Tuesday: 5 miles, 7/1
Wednesday: 4 miles, 7/1, road & trails

Friday: 5.3 miles, 7/1, road & trails

I wanted to run in new places while on vacation this week in Door County. So, on Wednesday morning, I just took off exploring. I found a wetland area to run in and then turned onto an unfamiliar residential access road. To my delight, the road narrowed to a track and then to a trail. I kept running, enjoying the changing surface and wooded run.

As I worked down the trail, just above a big body of water, I glimpsed through the trees a patch of algae on a backwater with an unusual tint of green. I wondered what it was. The trail twisted and turned generally towards the backwater and I got the glimpses of the green more and more. What on earth would cause that tint?

As I got closer, I heard the distinct “click” of a 7-iron and then the yell of “Fore.” I laughed, as that distinct green was merely the carefully manicured #12 fairway of a golf course near the bay. Hardly a backwater, this was a high-end club. I ran to the edge of the fairway, thought about taking a spin down around the green but opted not do. I headed back up the trail, realizing, once again, I’m a manufacturing guy not a biologist.

Heading home on Saturday, with a stop in Chicago to take son Matt to lunch and hear about his first four weeks of college. Amazing times!

Persevere. With or without algae.


Backofpack said...

When's the last time you had the prescription for your glasses checked? Too funny. Sometimes it is very hard to see distinctly when you are running, especially when you are just getting glimpses through the brush. Sounds like your trip was nice and even better you got to visit with your son!

David said...

What a way to end a great week. Too bad you have to go home.

Sarah said...

Glad you didn't get hit by any wayward golf balls! : )

Darrell said...

What's funny to me is you didn't recognize grass but you could identify the club by the distinctive "clink". 8-)

Vacation exploration runs are the best.

IronWaddler said...

Isn't it awesome to run in new places?? Sounds like it was a good week. Have a safe trip home and a good lunch with your son.