Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Isn't She Cute?

ORN: 5 miles, R7/W1

Here's my granddaughter Berneice in a photo I snapped last Thursday. She's almost 15 months old now and is a real cutie.

Gretchen picked up this t shirt for her when we dropped Matt off at Wheaton College a few weeks ago. After three sons and then two grandsons, she is so very, very happy to finally have a little girl to shop for. And young Miss B can indeed turn on the charm. She's a very mellow and easy-going child. Shoot, with twin brothers around to constantly entertain, what does she have to be uptight about.

Enjoy the cute picture with us.



Wes said...

Yup. She's a cutie all right :-)

IronWaddler said...

She is sooooooo cute!!

Sarah said...

She's not just cute...she's adorable! : )

Backofpack said...

Well, I've only seen pictures of Gretchen, but she sure looks like her Grandma to me! She might have Grandpa's eyes though. She is awfully cute!

Anne K. said...

Oh, Berneice - you're a cutie pie indeed! Look, she even has cute little pink tennie-runners to complete her ensemble - what a charmer! So glad you shared, Joe.

Mary Gee said...

Oh what a sweet, sweet, child! Thanks for letting us in on your joy.