Saturday, September 08, 2007

Up and Over the Front Range

ORN: 20.25 miles, 3:44:08, 11:04/mile

When I laid out my current training schedule to build to
Rocket City Marathon on December 8, it was obvious to me that last week and this week’s long runs would be crucial. Given the ITB injury from last winter, the build up in mileage was a question mark. These two weeks represented the “front range” on my hike to the target race in December.

And, amazingly, we’re over the ridge and moving on.

Today’s 20 miler went well and really quite unremarkably. Pretty much, I just went out and did it and kept moving for nearly four hours. I was encouraged that I had no pain at all from my left foot, the one that suffered from my inattention last week. The tightness I’ve felt in both legs on recent long runs never happened. I was tired at the end of it but had no discomfort.

I did branch off the pavement a couple of times onto rough trails when I had opportunity. It was a simple and quiet nod to
Rob who is doing a full 100 miles, by himself, on single track trails this weekend at the Plain 100. I’m awe…hope it went well, Rob.

I discovered one very useful thing this morning. I’ve always had blisters on certain toes anytime I run over 10 miles. I had to use paper tape to prevent them from forming. About a month ago, I bought a super-thin pair of wicking sock liners which I now wear inside my big fluffy Thor-Lo running socks. And now, not a hint of blisters, hot spots or anything at all on my feet. A significant improvement. Shoot, I might even call it
Kaizen, but then that would be like me, wouldn’t it??!!

I appreciate all the suggestions I got last week on “what to eat while running.” I have a list and I’ll try them all this fall. Today’s banquet came from
Wes, the cooking expert and triathalon dude, who found a high-energy trail mix on the Food Network. I used it (to the amazement of my wife, who walked in while I was surfing the Foot Network web site…she just shook her head and walked away) and found it useful. I kind of liked the crunchy stuff while I was running. Plus, the nuts get stuck in your teeth, so provided additional food for a while after munching.

During the run, I thought back to my
first 20 mile training run on March 18, 2006. At that point, it was a major new distance record for me. Today’s run was not nearly as intimidating to think about. Just a step I needed to do to get set for the fall races. Amazing.

I keep hiking, with two weeks in a lower mileage valley before going over the next ridge of 23 miles on Sept 29. Then two more weeks in the valley and then the
Indianapolis Marathon as a “training run with a medal” on October 20.



IronWaddler said...

That's awesome,Joe. I am so glad that your foot is OK too. This was a big ridge in your training and it was successful.

Wes said...

Oh, your supposed to chew that stuff? Stupid me :-) We are doing the same race, and I got my 10 miler in this morning, LOL. I need to hear more about how great the twenty mile distance is, as I got about 7 weeks to get there!!! Very cool, Joe!

Anonymous said...

You're doing great. December will be here before you know it and you are really going to do well in Huntsville.

Backofpack said...

Nicely done Joe! Tell me more about the sock liners - specifics, man, specifics! You know me, I'm up for any blister cure attempt. I had a toenail turn black after last weeks 20 and have a yucky toe now. One of the ones I am constantly nursing...

Sarah said...

Nice job cranking out that 20! Isn't it great looking back and seeing how far you've come? : )

David said...

I can't wait to be over the 20 mile training run hill again (Sept 30 and again Oct 14).

Nice run for you.

Darrell said...

It's funny that were running the same race and you are already running 20 milers. I haven't even done a 20 miler yet for MCM. I feel like such a slacker. I'm really glad that it went so well for you