Saturday, October 29, 2005

Long Run with Wooly Worms

ORN: 10.3 miles, 1:34:28, about 9:40/mile or so

What a specacular fall day to run! All winter and all summer I dream of such a day. Full sun, temp in mid 50s, trees turning color, mild breeze. Could not be any better.

The legs are back. After really cranking my R calf two weeks ago in the Half, I'm back to regular running. Originally set out to do 9 miles, and threw in an extra mile just because it felt good.

Winter awaits, though. Saw many, many wooly caterpillars slowly crawing across the trail today. To my knowledge, I didn't squash any but it was a hazardous place for them to be. Typically, the weather holds out OK through early December, then into the deep freeze through February.

For now, I enjoy what we have. And am grateful for it.


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