Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just HOW do we buy our shoes??

ORN:  4.2 miles. R4/W1, in the snow

This fun article showed up in today's Wall Street Journal, a new runner's shoe buying experience compared across four running stores.  It was well written and helpful.

The fun part in the article is something I've don't need a treadmill and slo-mo video cameras to figure out what your feet are doing.  You only need to look closely at the wear pattern on your existing shoes.  I discovered this and wrote about it three years ago, as a result of my wonderful introduction to "shoe reading" at the Naperville Running Company.  What is even funnier is that after my run this morning, I pulled off my Brooks Beasts and looked closely at the wear pattern.  Yep, same pattern they've shown for three years now.  Must be OK.  Even more OK if it shows up nationally!

Have a nice read.  And persevere.  Whatever your pronation pattern!


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Darrell said...

I'm a brand loyalist and stick to what has worked. My new 50% off Adrenalines came yesterday and are in the closet awaiting their turn in the rotation.