Monday, December 07, 2009

It Snow Joke

ORN:  5.3 miles, R4/W1
We had the first snow of the season overnight.  It's always a shock to the system to get up and see the ground covered with white stuff.  A brutal reminder that baseball is really over, summer is gone and any illusion of warmth is smashed for the next three months in Indiana.  All the winter running gear is now in use; the temperature chart still works. 
It was fun, though, to confirm, visually, that I was the first person to move down my street this morning.  The snow was perfectly smooth, undisturbed, from curb to curb for the entire block.  By the time I got back, a couple of the neighborhood teenagers had headed off to early-morning school activities and the guy across the street was heading to work.  The work week gets going. 
And so do I. 


Darrell said...

I got snow reports from my son and his girlfriend in OH today. They are still giddy about it. That'll wear off soon, I suppose.

IronWaddler said...

I loved the way it looked this morning and there is more coming!

Sarah said...

It looks like the midwest got slammed this week. We don't get snow that often, but when we do I love those quiet runs on snow-covered streets.