Thursday, March 12, 2009

Full Moon Run

ORN:  5.2 miles, 53:30, R5/W1, 10:18/mile
It's been a long time since a full moon has lined up with a cold morning on a route without street lights.  But today it did. 
The eerie wonder of the blue-grey light is really beautiful.  It is somehow more wonderful in winter; the bare trees somehow shape the light, the cold clear air making it even crisper. 
What a treat before launching into a day jam packed with meetings!  What a bit of serenity in the utter zaniness of life!
Persevere.  And enjoy little treats like this. 


Wes said...

It's the worm moon! Spring has arrived (unofficially), although I'm sure you guys aren't feeling it quite yet...

IronWaddler said...

It was beautiful out early this AM! Glad that you got to see it.

Bob A said...

There is something really neat about running at 5:30 am with a full or nearly full moon and being able to see my shadow in the moonlight.

Darrell said...

The full moon run would have been great.

Hopefully your meetings didn't involve any of those regulatory folks I'm currently so fond of, or HR people for that matter, how about Quality engineers?

my companies acronym really means - Meetings, Meetings & More meetings. Did you know that?