Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Six-Hour Trail run this Saturday

So much to say; so little time to blog!!

After the fun series of half marathons this spring, I do the first of four planned long races this Saturday (which also happens to be cinco de Julio here in Indiana). A six-hour trail run.

I've not run at this county park before but Larry, who I met on the plane back from Portland after we both finished the Portland Marathon in 2006, lives just a mile from the park and he emailed me all sorts of good info.

On a 5+ mile loop, we'll see how far I can go. 5 laps equals a marathon; more than that gets me to my longest runs ever. Larry tells me there is about 1,000 feet of climbing on each lap...that should be taxing.

My strategy is simple; do a 2/1 run/walk from the start, plus walk up the four big hills. Larry affirms this is a sound strategy; "Six hours is a long time" he noted dryly. And my sole goal is to keep moving for six hours.

So stay tuned for a race report sometime this weekend. I'll be busy from 6am to noon EDT on Saturday.

Persevere. Even when you have a lot more to say than this.


Darrell said...

What happens if you're at mid lap at noon. I suppose they come around and pick you up. Right??

Enjoy the 4th and have a good run on Saturday.

Backofpack said...

Six hours is a long time? I think it's a normal time...Have fun this weekend and go with the flow. You'll have a blast!

Wes said...

Sounds like an epic run!! You have fun!!! and happy fourth to you and your family :-)

Sarah said...

Six hours is nothing! : ) You can do lap at a time. I'll be thinking of you. Good luck! : )

Unknown said...

wow. that's somewhat epic. have fun with the elevation and remember, what goes up must come down!

Running Chick said...

Goodness, I'm *still* catching up on my reading, and I somehow missed the post about the 6 hour run...what a season you have planned this year!! Enjoy the process, enjoy the content...enjoy the day!

Stay smooth and strong!

John said...

Good luck to you, Joe... I'll be running long myself that day in your honor.. Not for six hours, but long enough!

Full report after the race!!

Mary Gee said...

Six Hours. Wow. I want to hear about this.