Sunday, July 27, 2008

Long Run, Hot Day

ORN: Saturday; 18.1 miles, 3:16:22, R4/W1, 10:51/mile

In a well-run marathon, there is a “sweet spot” between mile 4-5 and about 17-20. The excitement, music, adrenaline, energy of the start is done. You find a groove and just start knocking off the miles. The purpose is to set yourself up to finish the last few miles in good shape.

Metaphorically speaking, I’m in that spot with my training right now. The excitement of the 5 spring HMs is over. Two months remain until the fall marathons begin. Right now, I just need to get more miles under me to prepare for the fall. (note: the 6 hour trail race 3 weeks ago doesn’t fit the metaphor, so I am employing “writer’s license” to ignore it :-) ) Saturday’s 18 miler fit that bill. In high humidity and temps in the upper 70s, I just got the miles in. The first 16 felt fine, the last two reminded me I did 27 three weeks ago. No damage, no speed, miles in the bank. Adequate for the moment.

I had fun watching the NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 stock car race this afternoon, mostly just for remembering my four 500 Festival Mini-Marathons which include a lap of the track. Here I am blazing down the front stretch this May. Suffice it to say, I didn’t need the corner banking to avoid hitting the wall.

Persevere. Really, not just metaphorically.


Darrell said...

Nicely done with the 18.1

Air Force is so tempting. It is not my OH marathon of choice but I was asked to join a couple of CA Cruisers last year and now I see it on your schedule. If I were in a different place in my training you might have had a running partner in OH and I'd have one more state to cross off.

IronWaddler said...

Way to go and get the run in! You are getting those miles deposited into your bank! It will all pay off.

Sarah said...

Keep on counting off those miles! I think you're going to have a great fall marathon season. : )

Wes said...

LSD runs... The meat in our marathon training sandwich :-) Nicely done, Joe!!

Backofpack said...

Oh, how I hate those long training runs! That's why I run so many marathons, just so I can skip the 18 & 20 milers. Doesn't make a lot of sense, I know. That's also how I ended up hosting a marathon next month - my training run went bad!

Good for you for getting it done, and yay!! for no injury. Your fall schedule looks good!

Unknown said...

Nice run, Joe! I definitely enjoy the 27 mile trail runs versus the 18 mile marathon training runs. I like finishing them both though.