Thursday, October 12, 2006

On the Usefulness of a Running Log

ORN: Tuesday: 0.3 miles, left knee pain
Wednesday: 3 miles, run/walk, right knee pain
Thursday: 4 miles, run/walk, right knee pain

So, here in week two following The Most Recent Marathon, I'm hobbled slightly. What gives? And after I did OK in a race last Saturday? I was wondering.

Then I flipped back on my running log to the three weeks following the St Louis Marathon in April. Ahaaaaaa, I say. Week one felt good, though the quads were sore. Week two showed knee pain, alternating back and forth. Week three showed improvement. Week four was back to normal.

I relaxed. I'm on a normal pattern. This will resolve. No biggie.

Yeah, persevere.

PS. I've culled my log down to a very simple small sheet that covers 8 weeks at a time. Keep it taped to a cabinet right next to our shower. If you'd like a copy of this simple Excel spreadsheet, email me and I'll send it to you


BigFoot Marty said...

I am a runner with knee "issues".
I like the idea of detailed journal with pain issues noted.
Would love to see the exel spreadsheet.
I have the oldfashioned journal ( from Barnes&Noble with dates and lines for time/distance and notes- never too detailed on it but theidea of history leadng to current pain- Cool!
I come by my knee pain honestly- 7 surgeries back in the early 80'd when in college playing football. Now a 6'7 290-300lb marathoner I am always aware of the flare up of familiar pain but even more aware of new pain (plantar fasciitis in 2004).
Nice blog- Thanks, marty

Unknown said...

I record strange aches and pains as well in my log and anything else that might be worth noting for future reference. I don't look back on them often, but I do look back. I am trying to get back in a rhythm as well. Have a good weekend.