Thursday, October 26, 2006

Boy, what are we in for??

ORN: Zero. Day two of Rest Week

Darrell pointed out
Dean Karnanzes running the Tecumseh Trail Marathon on Wednesday for his Indiana race. Darrell ran with Dean at St. Georges, I ran with Dean in Portland, my work colleage Jay ran Badwater with him in July. Yeah, we’re tight. Here is Dean’s take on the race Darrell and I will be running in about five weeks.

There were very few sections along this course that were flat. You were either climbing or descending the entire way. Most of the route was in thick foliage, making it sometimes difficult to see ahead, and the trail was covered in leaves, compounding the navigational complexities. We traversed countless switchbacks, some ascending and some descending, and skirted several creeks and ravines. At a number of points we got lost and had to retrace our steps to get back on the path.


Karno did the course in 4:45, validating the advice I had from others here to add 60 minutes or so to your regular marathon time on this course.

Now, some have nay-sayed Karno’s efforts and particularly his publicity efforts. But, hey, he’s doing what he said he would do.

And what a description.

I’m actually psyched. Doing this with Darrell will be a hoot. My knee is responding to the rest…hope I can ease it back into milage for this most interesting of possible “training runs.”



Sarah said...

I saw DK's write-up and thought of you and Darrell. You're in for some fun! Glad the rest is helping the knee. : )

Darrell said...

It's totally going to be a hoot. I loved that whole paragraph, except maybe the getting lost part. But he turned that into a positive at the end anyway. Maybe Tecumseh will be our first unofficial ultra.

I think I found my KY marathon. The next day Dean was there for Otter Creek, that one sounded good too. It's only a week after Tecumseh, maybe I should hang around that side of the country for the week (NOT! but it is fun to dreamJ).

Wes said...

You are running the Trail Marathon with Darrel? That is very cool. I'm already working on him to come to Georgia :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like awesome fun!!!