Friday, May 05, 2006

Ready to Run on Saturday

ORN: Tuesday evening: 4 miles, after mowing the grass
Wednesday morning: 4 miles, with 3.4 @ 8:53
Thursday evening: 3 miles

OK, I'm finally getting fired up for the half marathon on Saturday in Indy. The weather looks perfect for running, with temperatures at the gun around 50, sunny skies and light winds from the NNE. It won't hit 60 until early afternoon, so it should be a nice run.

As usual, I'm overly obsessing over how many/which layers to wear, what to throw away along the route, where to wear my number. Nuts. Probably because this is the race, a year ago, where I dressed as poorly as I have ever done so and it really cost me around mile 11. My cheapness kept me from throwing away one layer (hey, I liked the shirt) and I overheated when the temps moved into the mid 70s.

An old friend from a previous job is running and we're riding together. That will be fun to see him again. This is his first race over 5 miles, so he's nervous. It will be fun to encourage Chris and see how he does.

Whoo boy, it will be tough to get up at 4:30am tomorrow...then again, I might not have been to sleep yet by then. Oh my.



D said...

Good luck on Saturday!

Darrell said...

I'm getting here late, but I wanted to wish you well at Indy.

I hate throwing away perfectly good clothes myself.