Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Final Tune Up

ORN: 4.5 mi total, including 4.0 miles, 34:48, 8 42/mile

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I did 27 miles in four days. All four days very hot and humid, the first such muggy, Midwestern summer days we've had. And the legs felt flat, as did I by the end of the day Monday.

So I skipped running on Tuesday and went back to my log to see how I prepped for the other two half marathons I've run this spring. They both had a tempo run at target race pace on Wednesday and an easy three miler on Thursday, in preparation for a Saturday race.

With the weather looking favorable on Saturday (around 55 at race start, not over 70 for the high), I decided to go for another sub 2 hour half marathon. So, I set out this morning to run 9 00/mile on my Garmin, knowing that was about a 9 08 mile on an official course.

Surprise, surprise.

I did a warm up and stretch, then got going. The first mile was not terribly rhythmic, but got it done in 8 48. I settled in for mile 2 at 8 40 and turned around. Mile 3 was comfortable at 8 53. I pushed at the end and did mile 4 at 8 25. Ran some cool down and it felt good. Legs were alive and well.

It was also a good reminder how the first thee or four miles of a half are all about simply getting into a groove and then letting it flow. Why do I keep forgetting that?

I'll post a race report on Saturday or Sunday. Notre Dame Stadium should be a fun place to be!


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