Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Year in Review

My running for the 2020 reflected the general difficulty of this strangest of years.  Then, I had an ill-fated experiment during August and September when I refereed High School soccer, seeking to replicate that role I held through the 80s and 90s.   I had a bad hamstring and a minor quad injury in just a few weeks on the pitch and through the entire experience, I realized how much I missed distance running.   So, no more yellow cards or whistles.    Here's what the 52 week totals looked like....never consistently over even 30 miles per week. 

This of course meant my annual mileage dropped off, the lowest since 2013.    

Races were few in log shows only seven!!   I typically run twenty or more each year.  Such was the 2020, though and our necessary isolation.   Three stand out...Ground Hog's Day Marathon on February 6, before we entered lockdown (and I won my AG), my first ever 12-Hour race in June, which I really enjoyed, covering 48 miles and then The HUFF at years end managed to happen, my tenth consecutive HUFF.    

A lot happened personally over the year, most notably my long-planned retirement, today!!   Wrapped up a career in manufacturing management and I've been very blessed.   We will remain living here in Indiana (I never really wanted to move to Boca Raton...) and now I can do my training runs at any time of day I choose!!   I will establish new routines and reflect on new purposes.  

Persevere...into the new year.   



Karen said...

Just saw this, Joe. It's important to keep good record, which you do. And this will make 2021 look even better! I'll send you mine....but not nearly the detail your spreadsheet shows!!


Meg said...

Nice work, Joe. It reminds me I haven't written up my summary for my own records.