Sunday, December 16, 2018

Boston 2019 Training; Week 1 of 18, Dec 10-16

So, I finally got going on Actually Training For The Boston Marathon.

In a real way, this feels very much like crossing the starting line of a marathon.   I'm excited, glad it is going and knowing fully the start line is mostly just an administrative necessity.   You can't finish unless you start but by itself, it means little.

Here's was the plan  for Week One.   Looks pretty simple.  Four days of running.

I took advantage of this.   My right ITB has felt sore...the rest did it OK.  My actual runs and paces were:

Tuesday:  3.1 @ 10:27/mile
Thursday:  3.2 @ 10:23/mile
Saturday:  11.1 @ 10:22/mile
Sunday:  4.1 @ 10:28/mile

The Week One mileage was just so low.   But the big difference was on Saturday.   I have a long-scheduled 50K race coming up in two weeks so I felt I had to get in a modest long run.   My ITB is still week I do the low mileage as taper into the HUFF.

Easy to do Week One.  Mile One is easy in any marathon.   Keep the powder dry, keep moving.

Persevere.  Every week.


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