Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Modified Saturday Morning

ORN: 8.0 miles, R5/W1, 1:27:27, 10:56/mile

In the summer, Saturday morning always means an early alarm to get in a long run before the heat takes over too badly. Today was no different for the alarm but it was different for the activity.

Over the winter, it hit me that one thing a grandfather could do was to take his grandkids fishing. Not that I know anything about fishing...but it still seemed like a good thing. So, I've been trying to learn about local fishing and have actually landed quite a few fish in the area. Surprisingly, I've come to enjoy fishing. It's the opposite of running with respect to effort but much like it in that it gets me outside and in a reflective activity.

So, this morning was the first try to take my twin six-year old grandsons fishing. I picked them up at 7am and we had overcast, reasonable temperatures at a local pond.

Determined Fishermen

Nathan and Drew were understandably excited to go and off we tromped. We had some bites but landed no fish. Yet, that didn't seem to be a big problem as we had a marvelous time together.

From the pond, we headed to a local diner for pancakes and chocolate milk.

Drew, Nathan with pancakes

It was a great morning and a good choice on what to do on a day that saw temps into the 90s with very high humidity.

I finally got out for a run around 11am, intending to do 14 miles. About six miles into it, the sun came out and the heat was awful and I cut it off at 8 miles which was fine. It was a wonderful morning.

Persevere. Even if the fish don't bite.



Sarah said...

Cute pictures! Yes, I think taking the grandsons fishing is a grandpa requirement. ;) :)

Wes said...

I could skip the fishing and just get straight to pancakes :-)