Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Marathon as Experiment

ORN:  3.1 miles, R5/W1

Another marathon is near.  The Illinois Marathon goes off at 7:30am Central Saturday and I'm looking forward to it.  I suppose I will be a "legacy runner" in this event, since I've run each of them.  Of course, this is only the second year, so let's not get carried away.   The taper has gone well...I've run well, shortening the distance and picking up the tempo over the past three weeks.  

The race affords me a chance to try something that has been bugging me ever since I finished the Portland Marathon last October and then talked with Jeff Galloway in the finishing area.  And Saturday I get to try it.  An extreme run/walk ratio, with an eye to real enjoyment of the experience.  

I am going to do a 1/1 run/walk Saturday.  Run one minute, walk one minute.  From the start.  And finish under 5 hours, feeling good.  Using my pace calculator, this works out to 11:37 miles.   More importantly, in the run segments, I'll run at a 9:10/mile pace.  Can this work??  And, importantly, how do I feel at the end?  

I'm hoping to finish at a steady run.  Last year, I ran the last mile of this race.  Can I run the last two this year?  Dare I hope for the last three??

We'll see.

Weather could be dicey...scattered thundershowers, windy, humid, 60F at the start, mid 70s when we end.  Such is springtime in the Midwest. 

Full report coming on this experiment.  Here you see the objective... how will it turn out??  




Sarah said...

Good luck and have fun!

John said...

I sense the confidence going into this one, Joe. You'll do great, and feel just fine at the end!

Susie said...

I'm excited to see how it turns out and hope that you have a great run!

Wes said...

My bud over at Run to Win ran a 2:50 marathon using the run walk thing at the Exeter Marathon. Go kick some butt... oh, and as always... have fun :-)

Dr C Austin said...

I hope it works well as I often think that the 1:1 ratio allows for the greatest amount of enjoyment on my long runs. I can hardly wait for your comments.

Darrell said...

Why do I recall that you've used the 1:1 before? Is it just from long runs and never in a race? No matter. I hope you enjoyed the experience. I'm looking forward to the full report.