Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunshine on My Shoulders...

ORN:  9 miles total, with 7x1 mile intervals at 8:39 average

It was very refreshing to run at mid-day with blue skies and full sun today.  Lake Michigan is such an overwhelming meteorological influence on northern Indiana that we resign ourselves to all-grey, all the time during the winter.  So today's clear skies were quite the exception, making it all the more enjoyable.

Of course, sunshine in January in Indiana also is translated "It's really cold, dude!"  Thus, I waited to run until noon-ish to allow the temperatures to "soar" to almost 20F.   The schedule called for 7x 1 mile intervals, a workout I have come to enjoy.  They went well and enjoyably.  I did learn, though, running into a cold, 25mph wind is a lot slower and colder than running with the same wind.  

The year's race schedule continues to take shape.  I've added the Illinois Marathon on May 1 to the mix.  My prep for the Bayshore Marathon on May 29 calls for a 23 miler on May 8.  Hmmmm, I say.  Why not do a full marathon a week sooner and get credit for it?  This marathon through the campus of the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana was a nice run last year, is only 90 minutes from home, allows me to go and come back same day, so no motel costs and, so shoot, why not?  It also will allow me to try something I've been fascinated by since my Portland Marathon "race" with running guru Jeff Galloway, which I first wrote of here.  I'm going to try a 1/1 run/walk ratio, per that write up.  Can it work??  Now I get to try.  

Registration for the Chicago Marathon (October 10) opens up on Monday.  Nephew John and I are running it, so we'll get signed up next week.  

One more fun, local event will take place two weeks after Chicago.  The inaugural Home of Purdue Half Marathon is on October 24.    Here in my home town, we will have a well-run half marathon.  It is interesting to see how it has grabbed the interest of a lot of folks who want to start running this spring and get ready for the fall race. I'm pretty sure I'll volunteer to help in the race...that will be a good change up and a chance to give back.  

January ended up as the best mileage month for me since August, 114 miles in the cold.  Who'd a thunk that with the winter weather??  



Darrell said...

Your schedule sure is coming together. Waiting until later in the day when it was warmer seems like a really good choice.

Mmmmm....Chicago. It would be so neat if that one worked out, but I'm not holding out too much hope on that one.

Sarah said...

Gotta take advantage of the sunny weather when you can!

I'll be interested in seeing how the 1/1 works for you at the marathon. Marc has done 30/30 (seconds) and yesterday we did 3/1. For myself, I prefer a longer run interval...the 3 min run seemed very short.

David said...

114 miles?!? In Indiana, in January!?!?!! Impressive.

Your schedule is populating quickly too.

Wes said...

dooood, that's some insane mileage. Let me feel you forehead. I need to make sure you have come down with some winter illness up their above the arctic circle :-)

Good luck with your experiment! That will be exciting, and I can't wait to hear about it.

I ran outside in 40 degree temps, and every time I run in the cold, I think about you! Ha! Of course, I was wearing two layers and tights...

mizuno shoes said...

like this post! keep it up! :D