Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Add the Portland Marathon to Fall Schedule

ORN: 5.2 miles, R6/W1
A few weeks ago, I published my fall race schedule.  
I now can add one more... The Portland Marathon on October 4!!
This is a real treat for me.  I ran Portland in 2006, which was my 2nd marathon of the current era.  Thanks to Darrell's introduction, I there met many of my PNW running friends:  Michelle, Eric, Jenny, Sarah, and others.  They welcomed me into their fold and have stayed in touch...what a treat.
Well, it worked out again for me to be in Portland again.  My middle son, Nathan, lives and works in Portland and a lot of things fell together for me to go visit him; as a bonus, the dates lined up with the Marathon.  So, I'm going to fly in on Friday evening, head back on Monday morning and enjoy the weekend with Nathan.  He said he was looking forward to trailing me around the course.  I registered for the race and have my bib number already:  4981.  I even asked the nice folks to emblazon "PURDUE" on my bib.  Should be fun.
I see Michelle is running Portland again.  I hope we can connect!!  It would be great to see any of the rest of you who might be running!!
So, the fall has three marathons and an ultra set now.    
Heart of America Marathon in Columbia, Missouri on Labor Day, September 7. 
Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis, November 7
Huntington Ultra-Frigid Fifty, a 50 km ultra in Huntington, Indiana.  Persevere. 
I'm pumped.  We'll see how the body holds up. 
And I'll be persevering. 


Backofpack said...

Whoo-hoo! Rob, Jenny, Jessica, Margaret, and who knows who else will be running it too! Eric hasn't decided but he'll be there with me for sure. We should plan coffee or something! I'm excited!

John said...

Great that it all came together again for Portland, Joe! Maybe another PR??

Sarah said...

Right on! : ) Marc is running it (his first Portland Marathon) and the little guy is running the kids run. So I'll be there cheering and supporting. Hope to see you!

Wes said...

totally jealous! I can't wait till I get to travel to far off places and race... Won't be long now :-)

IronWaddler said...

That is so exciting. Family and a great race = the best weekend ever!

Darrell said...

What a great schedule. Truly living up to your Marathon Maniac status.