Monday, February 02, 2009

Reestablishing Rhythm

ORN:  3.3 miles, R3/W1, 34:15
After a late-night ending to a Super Bowl gathering, it was nice to get out and run early this morning. It was also nice to run on dry pavement...a bit of a warming trend over the weekend melted the snow pack on the streets. 
(<i>Football comment: With the exception of the Dorito's Crystal Ball commercial, the ads were lame.  The football was pretty good. Probably the way it should be.</i>)
What has struck me refreshingly over the past week is the simple joy of running pain free.  Having focused a lot on the left ITB discomfort since Memphis, I had failed to acknowledge some sharp pain in both ankles.  I guess I didn't want to admit that hurt too.  About 2 weeks ago, I noticed the ankle pain was gone.  On Saturday, I ran 5.5 miles with no twinges at all.  This morning, I rolled out and did 3+ with a focus on form and just the pure joy of running without pain.  On top of that, the work schedule has calmed and the runs are now more regular.  Starting this week, I slowly start ramping up the mileage for one and maybe two spring races.
All of this made me realize afresh the simple discipline of running.  Doing it regularly.  Doing it joyfully.  Doing it with a clear mind, which allows one to explore other things in the time alone.  Relaxing in the nested rhythms of the run.  The rhythm of motion of running.  The rhythm (for me) of the run/walk.  The rhythm of the week (short runs weekdays, long run weekend).  The rhythms of the seasons.
It's good to get back to a sense of rhythm.  


Darrell said...

The rhythm is good. Great news on the pain issues, sometimes I begin to think it may never go away.

The crystal ball was pretty stinking funny. I have a soft spot for those great big old Clydesdales though.

Wes said...

I've been waiting for this ankl-ish thingee of mine to go away since before Ironman. I think its starting to come around :-) Joe, you remind us often of the joys and simplicity of what we do.

Rhythm :-)

Backofpack said...

We missed the Superbowl, we were driving back from seeing our son. We're in Vancouver right now - Eric is working, I have a vacation day. We enjoyed two five mile runs together, each time exploring new towns. There is so much to be said for those shorter daily runs - that's where much of the joy lies. It refreshes the body and the mind. Glad you are back to it!

Pat said...

What was interesting was the companies that didn't do commercials.

It was a great game, even if my Cardinals didn't win.

John said...

Awesome, Joe, pain free is the way to be! Sounds like you're doing it right. Running just like it's supposed to be.

And I agree: Good Superbowl game with lousy commercials is just fine with me. The funny ad thing is played out, in my opinion. Now they're just trying too hard.

Anonymous said...

I'm very curious to know more about your ankle pain and anyone else's ankle pain. I have a similar blog w/ a lot of focus on running ( and am working on some Q&A articles w/ ankle pain being one of them. My pain is weird little zings that only come at around mile 12 and don't necessarily last during an entire run. Hoping to learn more and will share what I can! BTW, found your blog from