Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh yeah, a marathon tomorrow

In a few hours, I wake up and head to Indy to run the Indianapolis Marathon. This will be my second marathon in four weeks, the closest ever for me.

The big task tomorrow is to figure out the whole hydration/electrolyte/fuel question. The very things which eluded me at the Air Force Marathon have really been motivating me to try it again.

The plan looks like this. I’ll do a 3/1 run/walk, shooting for a 10:45/mile pace, the same as I did at USAFM. I’ll carry my own fluids. At the top of each hour, I’ll start working on 10 oz of electrolyte drink with 390mg of sodium and other goodies. After that, I’ll look for additional 10 to 20 oz of water each hour. Fuel will be Gu, one every 45 minutes. I’ll throw on some Wheat Thins as well. I decided against the PB&J for this run. I also opted out of the Salt Stick capsules; I tried it in one run last week and just am not sure of how it will sit. I think it will work eventually, but am not going to try it tomorrow.

The weather looks near perfect in Indy tomorrow, as it should be around 42 at the start and near 60 by the time I hopefully finish.

Will it work? I’ll know tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Journey to a Centum said...

Good luck! Hope the fueling, hydration, and electrolytes do the trick! It's probably best to stay away from the PB&J. I'd keep a Salt Stick in your pocket in case you get tight or start getting cramps.

Have fun!


Darrell said...

You should be about half way done as I write this. I hope everything is working out well. I will be intereted to hear the result of your research.

Jodi said...

I hope it went great! Can't wait to read the report



Wes said...

I've found if you get in the habit of sipping every five minutes or so. You are golden. Can't wait to hear how it goes!! Thinking about you!!