Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thermal Whiplash

ORN: Saturday—9.1 miles total, with 6 mile repeats @ 8:45

I had a long, deeply profound post composed in my mind about the impact of the temperature on our running. Starting with the debacle at the Chicago Marathon last Sunday to my own experiences in heat, I was going to write on what high temperatures Teach Us About Life In General.

The post sounded pretty dumb once I started it though, so I will not impose it on you. You should be glad.

Suffice it to say, the weather was brutal a week ago in the Midwest. Then a cool front blew through and two days after the heat damage in Chicago, it was into the mid 40s overnight. And it makes a big difference. And jerks you around.

I had one of the nicest runs I’ve had in months on a simple 4 miler mid-week. It was stunning what the lack of humidity does alongside cool air. Yesterday, the schedule called for 5x mile repeats at 9:15. It was so nice, I did six, rather than five. I tried to hold back the pace but still did all the repeats very near 8:45, feeling very comfortable, as if I still had a lot I could still put forth. The last repeat hit at 8:33. Three weeks ago, in 86 degree temps, I averaged 9:11 for the identical course with 6 repeats. Yeah, the temperature matters.

The next long training run comes this Saturday in the form of the
Indianapolis Marathon. It is great to have a low cost (only $45) marathon an hour from home fit the training schedule. Looks like about 400 or so will run the full marathon, though about 2,000 may run the half marathon with it. I ran the half two years ago, so am familiar with the course. I find myself in the anticipation mode, really looking forward to a race. I haven’t run a long race since early June…it’s time.

The plan is to run a 3/1 run/walk ratio, shooting for 11:00 to 11:15 miles. My A goal is to run continuously from mile 23 to the end. My B goal is to run it in from mile 25. My C goal is to simply finish reasonably. The forecast at the moment for Indy on Saturday is for temps around 54 at the start, heading to mid 60s by the end with partly cloudy skies. Yeah, that works. That works just fine.

Persevere. In any temperature.


Backofpack said...

Nice repeats Joe! It's good to know you have recovered so well. So, a little 26.2 training run next weekend? Sounds good! Mine's a little 26.2 fun run. Good luck and I look forward to your report!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing the impact of temperature and humidity has on our running. Good luck this weekend.

Unknown said...

Well done on the repeats and yes the temperature does matter. I love the low cost marathons that are close to home as well. I can't get enough of them. Good luck next weekend!

IronWaddler said...

Awesome repeats. Your training is so right on track,Joe.

Glad for the change in weather-it is alot better out there. My favorite time of year.

Wes said...

Thanks for not sharing the temperature/life related post :-) See my blog for rule #1. LOL. Adding another mile repeat may seem like a good idea at the time, but it might come back to bite you in the keester! LOL. However, since I know how you train, I would doubt that!!!

26.2 mile training run sounds intimidating to me! You have fun... I'll think about you while I'm trying to tackle 18 this weekend.

Sarah said...

That sounds like a dandy little marathon! Glad the temps are back to normal. Amazing how much trouble a little heat can cause. : )

Darrell said...

Feeling so good you threw in another repeat, now that's a good thing.

Enjoy the loooooong training run. Good luck with the weather. I was checking Chicago's a week or so before the race and at one point thunderstorms were in the forcast. The weather in the midwest is a fickle thing.

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Wow! The Indianapolis Marathon! That sounds fast! I am impressed with your mile repeats. I may need to work those into my schedule. Tell me, what is the reasoning behind the 3/1 ratio as opposed to anything different? It seems so short amount of time in between walk breaks. I have a hard time with 5/1 on my own. I tend to like Michelle's 9/1, but again, on my own I will run much faster and need to walk more to give the ITB a break. So, I guess I am just curious! Good luck this weekend. Have fun and I'll keep you in my prayers. Thanks for the prayers my way!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the fun of the Indianapolis Marathon! Sounds great! I really would like to work a marathon into my training schedule sometime. I ran the half marathon at the Denver Marathon this weekend and the speed work I've been doing really paid off. Keep up those mile repeats....or how about half mile repeats....? Hmmmm.
Have fun.

Anderson Runner said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be running this weekend in Indianapolis, but only the half-marathon. I look forward to your perspective on the marathon.

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Thanks for the input on the 3/1 ratio. WHen I feel that my IT issues are all gone and my hips too and I want to go faster, I'll give it a try! Makes sense!

David said...

Pack some of that Indy weather and send it to New York for the Nov 3-4 weekend.

Good luck in the "trainer."