Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Summer Cold is a Different Animal

ORN: 6.1 miles total; 5km Time Trial—26:13

“A summer cold is a different animal
an ugly animal... oooh!

It hits you in the summer,
When you've got a lot to do!”

My odd mind has reverted frequently this week to the lyrics above from a 60’s TV commercial for
Contac. It had a fuzzy-looking character out zapping people in the park and at picnics. In the midst of the triple digit heat index we’ve had all week, the summer cold animal snagged me well.

Interestingly, running has helped work through it. I stuck with my schedule except for swapping a Friday 5 miler in place of the Thursday run when it was tough to crawl out of bed. In each case, I felt better after running than before. Go figure.

Today’s schedule called for 6 miles along with another 5km time trial in 25:15 or less. With no local races scheduled here in the August doldrums, I just ran on a measured 5K course not far from my house. It is a different dynamic entirely to push yourself without the pack of other races around. It was technologically different as well as I had loaned my Garmin to a friend this weekend who had to find some specific locations at his farm. So, I ran by feel, trying to keep the 8 minute/mile pace required. But, between the cold and the heat, the splits faded from 8:05 to 8:18 to 8:45. I was sopping wet and flushed by the end. But it is clearly good to push the pace and force the legs to turnover more quickly on a regular basis.

I jogged and walked home, redeeming an otherwise uninspiring run by doing an eco-run. I managed to fill an entire shopping bag with trash in the half-mile walk/run home. Pretty disgusting but just a little prettier when I got done.

The good stuff gets rolling next weekend with a 16 miler on that will be fun!

Persevere, even with a fuzzy-looking character chasing you.


Backofpack said...

Bummer Joe. I think I just told Darrell this too - I've read that if the illness is above your shoulders, run, if it's below your shoulders, skip it. I've run both ways - and most of the time I feel much better when the run is done. Chest colds can hurt though...

Hope you are better soon!

Karen said...

So you are in the top(?) 3% of the population by having a summer cold.
I was a bit disappointed in your reference to Contact because I was expecting a video of the commercial you referenced. However, I'll give you some slack since you aren't feeling 100% just now.

I do have to wonder about the accuracy of your timings without your Garman but you were a nice guy to have loaned it.

Mathematically yours! Karen

Sarah said...

BTDT on the cold! Sending healing thoughts your way. You still did quite well on your run!

Darrell said...

Just why are summer colds so much worse? I guess its the unexpected nature.

I like your back to the basics approach there. That was certainly a valiant effort on the 5k all things considered.

David said...

Keep up the sleep to get over the cold so that 6 miler doesn't bite you in the nose or worse.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Great job running through the cold...hope it doesn't hang around long.

IronWaddler said...

Good job on running through the cold. There is nothing worse than a summer cold. Better now than closer to the marathon.

Journey to a Centum said...

I've found that I feel better after a run when I have a cold. Tends to clear the stuffyness out. Good job working through it.

I like your idea of an eco run. I'm going to suggest it to our running club and see if we can clean up some of our common local routes.

Keep up the mileage!