Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hill Work, followed by a First

Obligatory Running News (ORN): 11 miles, with 10x400m hills @ 2:05

Hard to believe I’ve moved through the first phase of training on my 26-week program ramping to the
Rocket City Marathon on December 8. That phase is Lydiard-esqe hill work over the past few weeks. I’ve never really done intentional hill work, given that hills are hard to find anyway here in northern Indiana. This has been enjoyable, though. The next phase ramps up the endurance; long runs every other weekend with mile repeats on the other weekends, plus a few 5K time trials thrown in.

Today’s run was just plain hot, as temps were near 80 by 10am and the humidity was also in the 80s. Yet, descending into the
city park trail I described a few weeks ago was a joy. In the canopy of trees in full summer growth, I enjoyed total shade and the humidity seemed not so onerous. The ten 400m hill repeats passed quickly. I was surprised to average 2:05 for the set, with a low of 1:57 and the high only 2:09. The surprise was due to the heat, plus the fact I had umpired 5 hours of baseball on Friday night in the same heat and humidity. I didn’t expect much from the run, yet it was still useful.

The other surprise was that, despite getting home near midnight from umpiring, I was still anxious to get out the door on Saturday morning to run 11 miles. Most people would find that fully insane. I guess it makes sense, though, when one enjoys running.

The “first” came when I got back from the run. Daughter-in-law Susan was here, with all three of our grandkids. The twins, Nathan and Andrew, wanted to know if they could go run with me. Of course we did! We got their shoes on, went outside and I suggested we “run to the corner” about 80m from our front door. Off we went, a grandpa and two three-year olds, what a sight. The twins ran all the way, we took a short break and quickly ran back. As the two of them are boys and thus not confidently potty-trained yet, it occurred to me that their clothing for this run gave a whole new meaning to the term “training pants.” They ran in the house and proudly reported “We went running with Grandpa Joe!” What a thrill for me…I hope we can have many more runs.



Backofpack said...

Although your whole post was about good stuff, I liked the part about running with Grandpa Joe the best. Wouldn't it be great if you could all run a 5K together some day?

Darrell said...

Training pants! That's good.

Unknown said...

Well done on the training. It is nice to read your posts and not hear of any injuries on the lurk. You are a good model for the grandkids.

Anonymous said...

Good job on the training, Huntsville will be here before you know it.

Sarah said...

I'm glad you wrote out the words for ORN...I've been wondering what that stands for, but too embarrassed to ask. : )

I can just picture that run with Grandpa....what fun! : )

Wes said...

A lot of people would call me nuts for getting up at 7 AM Saturday to run and then 6 AM on Sunday to ride. We get it, don't we? ;-) I'm still looking at doing the RC marathon. I'm trying to figure out how to squeeze a half ironman in for October! LOL. You are a good man Joe! Corrupt those youngsters while they are young!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the city park trail paved or are you really on trails? It soundsd like a great run! Keep it up!

Anne K. said...

Oh, Joe, I can just imagine you and those two little characters running to the corner and back - what a fun sight that must have been, and the boys must have been so proud.

IronWaddler said...

You are doing such a great job on your training! And to get in a run with the grandkids-priceless.