Thursday, April 27, 2006

Commenting on Comments

ORN: Tuesday: 4 miles, moderate
Wednesday: 5 miles, easy
Thursday: 3 miles, felt stiff and flat

The Running Chick asked more about my knee I've complained about the past few days. as she had a similar-sounding problem after her first marathon.

It's a little odd, in that I've never quite felt something like this before. On a long run last Saturday and on a hard run last Monday, I was doing fine, very fine. Then, in fairly short order the L knee developed a pain on the outside portion. Enough that I had to slow (on Monday) or walk (on Saturday). The long run pain came after 8 miles at a 9:20 pace. Monday's run crunched after 4.8 miles at 8:55.

On Wednesday and today, as noted above, I still ran and had no knee pain at all. Felt a little stiff and flat on Wednsday and stiff again this morning. I credit this morning, though, to having umpired a baseball game (behind the plate) the night before!

Any wisdom there for me??

Regarding running plans, one of the fun events of the running year in Indiana hits next Saturday with the One America Mini Marathon, where I'll gather with 35,000 of my closest friends and do 13.1 miles in Indianapolis, including 1.25 laps of the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I have not decided yet if this will be my target race for a sub 2 hour half. If not then (and it depends on the knee), I'll shoot for the sub 2 in South Bend on June 3, in a cool half marathon that finishes at the 50 yard line of Notre Dame Stadium. Then, another half in Parkersburg, WV on August 19. Why Parkersburg? Because my sister lives there and I can sleep for free.

The next Marathon is on October 1, in Portland Oregon. Many rank it among the top 10 in US marathons. My middle son lives and works in Portland (do you see a theme developing here??) so I can combine a trip to see him with a cool marathon. Then there is a chance I'll do the St Jude Marathon in Memphis on Dec 2 to finish out the year. I'm already targeting the Marine Corp Marathon in the fall of 2007 and maybe the San Diego R&R in June 2007.

Or I might collapse in a heap and not run another one. Naaaaaaaaah. Way too much fun.



D said...

Smart race planning!!

Darrell said...

Very efficient and frugal race planning. You certainly will be busy the rest of the year. If the lottery for St. George isn't kind I may have to consider joining you in Portland. Finishing on the track at Indy should be fun.

Unknown said...

sounds like common itb problems, which is typically due to over-use or muscle fatigue in one of the muscle groups that attach to the it band. like susie said, there's some good stretches and exercises out there to help with this guy...just google around...but the real silver bullet for itbs is the foam roller. you can pick one up from a medical supply store, your local running store, or order one from online. seriously...there is no better way to stretch out those muscles than with the foam roller.

good luck, joe!