Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why Run?? one more answer

ORN: 4 miles, no watch, 9 degrees.

Why run? Saw an example yesterday at work.

We spend most of our time running alone. Training miles. Up early. Alone. Getting in the miles. Mile after mile. Some days are interesting, some are tough, many are just there.

And, a few times each year, we get to a race. On a beautiful fall morning with a couple thousand others and it all comes together.

And if we don't train, it never comes together. Even if we sign up for the race, if we shortchange the training, we don't do well.

Much of work is like that. Just doing it. Day in day out. Not a lot of "euphoric" moments. But they are there. But if we don't do the day-to-day, it will never be there.

Much of faith is like this. Day in, day out, staying with the necessary spiritual disciplines. Prayer. Reading and meditating on the scripture. Fleshing out kindness to others. Often alone. Dry times happen. And, still, there are moments when it all works. And great joy.

Running illustrates all of this.


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