Friday, December 09, 2005

No Go for Joe in the Snow

ORN: Zero

Up and headed out this morning at 5:30am for a short 3 miler, as part of the taper plan. Forecast said we'd have around three inches of snow by morning.

So much for forecasts.

A full seven inches of new snow on the ground. No snow plows through yet, no tracks, and I realized my car would never get out of the garage unless I did some serious shoveling.

So, I swapped the run for some "lower back exercise." Dark, early. And could scoop the driveway before I'd packed snow into the tracks! What a concept. We'll catch the run this weekend

And I saw something else cool, out early and dark. My neighbor, the father of four boys, had built one of the coolest and biggest snow forts I've seen in quite a while. Some serious snow excavation going on here. He had his 10 year old out with him last night and wow, what a neat thing for little kids to go outside and burn up lots of energy.



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