Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rhythm Lost and the quest to regain it

ORN: 3 miles, no watch, felt good

Got no rhythm. And I never really sensed it.

We had a big snow last week. That wiped out the trails I normally run on. It narrows the streets, makes them a mess. No solid footing anywhere. It's cold and dark most of the time.

I'm in the tail end of a taper, getting set for a 20 miler this Saturday. I've never tapered this intentionally before. Haven't done a decent long run in 3 weeks. Yeah, its a taper. That 8 miler last Saturday was not even worth blogging about. This taper has really thrown me for a loop.

Got no rhythm.

And it hit me this morning, when I still hauled myself out of bed, into the cold for a "mere" three miler. I altered my route, found some streets that had bare pavement. And it was nice.

I found some rhythm.

This is one of the reasons I learn so much from running. Running is about rhythms. From the micro, step-by-step patter of feet and breath, to the rhythm of each run (warm up, cruise, push, cool down), to the rhythm of a training week, to the rhythm of race preparation, to the rhythm of the seasons (at least here in the Midwest).

And I don't have enough experience in this most recent running dispensation to recognize the longer rhythm cycles. It only hit me this morning what was going on. And it helped a lot when I recognized it for what it was.

The spiritual disciplines restore/drive rhythm to the spiritual life. The scripture readings, the prayer, the silence, the meditation. All in good order, in the proper time. Give peace.

And it is peace that we need so badly in an un-peaceful, chaotic world.


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Running Chick said...

great post joe. i love the pattern and rhythm of life.