Thursday, December 22, 2005

Frozen Fog

ORN: 8.2 miles, 1:20:30, 9:47/mile

I really enjoy these long, mid-week runs. I delayed this week’s version by a day to avoid super cold weather. It was 19 this morning, which is starting to feel surprisingly comfortable. A very enjoyable run today.

A big part of the enjoyment was the beautiful
hoarfrost on every tree and surface. The wind swung to the south overnight, bringing more humid air with it. Hitting the very cold surfaces, that moisture froze. The trees and bushes were all sheathed in white. With a quarter moon shining two hours before dawn, there was an almost dream-like element to the surroundings. Surprisingly bright, since every twig reflected the minimal light. At one point, I could almost imagine the trees as Ents, conferring and deciding to march on Isengard.

And everyone else missed this beauty of this strange, marvelous light.

One of the joys of early morning running. The creation is still and beautiful A winter morning, with the fog freezing everywhere.


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Running Chick said...

i recently had another runner tell me a story about running through a frozen fog in -4F weather...and how the water froze their faces in these amazing crystalized patterns. sigh. now i'm jealous.

did i really just say that? jealous? of ice and sub-freezing temps? gah. it IS an illness.