Saturday, December 03, 2005

Is it weird to number running shoes?

So I got a new pair of shoes in the mail this week. My fourth pair of identical Brooks Adrenaline GTS5s.

I've determined to be very careful about my shoes as I am 52 and want to run well into my 70s. The shoes are the most key part of the whole equipment thing. So, I only run in the newest pair; the next newest pair goes in the closet as back up running shoes; the next newest after that is what I wear to walk the dog; older pairs get given away to a local charity.

And, so, geek that I am, I mark the shoes. Is this totally weird or just practical?

Here's the back of my new pair. I used to draw a "1" or "2" on them, but that seemed a bit much. So I went to the more subtle "dots" and here you can see a humble and understated four of them on each shoe.

If this is really odd, well, so be it...few will notice. If you've seen it, I'd be interested in knowing!!


Even if you have dotted shoes....


Susan said...

Dots are good. Never thought of dots. I wear Brooks Adrenaline too - love them.

Susan said...

OH, I just saw you are from Indiana - I grew up in Indianapolis.

Flo said...

This is an excellent idea. If you use the same type of shoes all the time (like you and I do) this is a great way to keep not only the current ones current but which 2 belong together!!! Very good idea!!!