Saturday, December 31, 2005

Do Webbed Feet Freeze??

ORN: 12.3 miles, 1:59:02, 9:39/mile

Go figure.

It was/is an ugly spate of weather here in Indiana, typical of what we'll see through the next two months. 36, damp, gray, 20 mph West wind. So gloomy you want to close the blinds for fear the outdoors will suck all the light out of the house. Plus, I'm fighting a head cold and felt pretty lousy this morning anticipating the week's long run. I thought (for a short time) about bagging it altogether. But, out I went.

And had a super run.

I'm trying to do my long runs at 9:50/mile and I couldn't hold back today. Kinda neat (splits at the end). A Gu at mile 6 was a bigger-than-normal boost, kind of surprising to me. Felt good and the last set of miles were quicker than the first.

And a peculiar thing. My route takes me past a lake, now frozen, that is home to a large flock of geese. And today, they were all just walking around the middle of it, on the ice. Don't their feet get cold? Is it like sticking your finger on a frozen metal surface and having it stick? They didn't seem to mind, though. Fun to contemplate.

Another reason why running is good. You do the right thing, even when you don't feel like it. Feelings follow. They do not govern.


9 14
9 51
9 46
9 49
9 33
9 41
9 48
9 32
9 39
9 38
9 51
9 29
3 05 @ 9 21 pace

Nice way to end the year.


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