Monday, April 24, 2006

Whatever the name, it was a good run

ORN: 5 miles, at pace, tempo or something, 44:47, 8:57/mile

With my left knee huring somewhat Saturday, I skipped the Sunday run and did it this morning instead. My objective was to run 5 miles at race pace for the half marathon, which, on my Garmin, is 9:02/mile.

After a warm up, I flipped on the training mode and off I went. And it went smoothly. Splits were 8 47, 8 56, 8 59, 8 57 and 9 03. Better, it felt fairly easy. Never did feel like I was pushing.

Bummer...the last quarter mile saw my left knee talking to me again. Since I'm two weeks post marathon, I pay attention to it.

Will do an easy five tomorrow. Will I get in a full 12, as scheduled, on Saturday?? Stay tuned.

Persevere. Knee pain or not.

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