Sunday, April 09, 2006

St. Louis Marathon--Short Report

ORN: 26.2 miles, 4:29:32

Wow!! It happened!!

This is a brief report from my brother-in-law's place, who was so kind to put me up for today. I'll post a longer review tonight or tomorrow after I get home.

The race went well... I achieved my first goal and a bit of a bonus goal. My main goal was to finish the marathon, uninjured. Check. No blisters, no pulls, no pain. The judicious application of paper tape to toes and nipples, along with a conservative approach to hill running, made this possible. My bonus goal was any time under 4:30...and I put a cool 28 seconds in my pocket for that one!! Wow, what a rush.

The course was hilly...and that took its toll on this flatlander who has no hills nearby. Nevertheless, the first 18 miles went great and I still felt fine through 23 miles. The last three were tough. I simply had to walk the uphills and run the flats and downhills. There was little left in the legs. No pain...just no response to the signals my brain was sending to the legs. More like going on strike!!

The end was on a downhill slope into a city park and what a rush that was. Those of you who have done this know exactly what I mean.

My fears about the weather turned out to be ungrounded. The temps that were supposed to be in the low 30s turned out to be in the mid 40s. The didn't get much over 55 for the whole race, coupled with a clear, sunny spring morning. The last three miles down Market Street in St Louis were lined with the Gateway Arch, the symbol of St. Louis, coupled with a huge American Flag strung between two hook and ladder trucks. Against the perfect blue sky, it was inspiring.

OK...I'm showered and have to get my aching legs into the car for a 5 hour drive home...I'm thinking I'll hit most every rest stop along the way to stretch...whaddaya think??!!

Thanks for all your means a lot. More tomorrow.



susie said...

Well done! It sounds like it went according to plan and better. Now enjoy the rest:)

david said...


What a rush going over the finish line knowing you have achieved your goal!

Darrell said...

Great job, Joe! What a feeling it must be to have met your goal and with 28 seconds to spare. Sounds like you conquered the hills, one way or another. I'm interested to know if you drove the course and whether it made a difference or not.

Hope you had a safe trip home. I can't imagine having to drive 5 hours after just running a marathon.

jeanne said...

Congratulations!! what a great time and sounds like a great race! well done.

Running Chick said...

sounds like you handled it smooth and strong all the way to the finish! what a screaming success!!

way to go marathoner!