Thursday, April 13, 2006

Gee, that must have, uh, been, uh, interesting...

ORN: 2 miles, easy pace, felt good

What a hoot this week to see the various reactions (and non reactions) of folks to me running a marathon last Sunday. As big a deal as it was to me, it is clear that it is pretty much incomprehensible to most. And that is really fine. I'm not terribly interested in horses, for example, and many folks I know are.

So, I settled in my mind that if someone asks me about it, I'll talk about it to the extent they feel comfortable or interested. And no further. Why be a bore?? And that has been fun.

Plus, many people are simply so self-absorbed that it is hard to be interested in what others find interesting. An important lesson as well; plus advice for me, to ask the second or third question about that baby colt, even if it isn't a keen thing for me. It demonstrates respect. And that's always good.

After going on strike around mile 24 on Sunday, the head labor negotiator worked out a three-day cooling off period beetween my brain and my legs. That ended this morning, when the mediator suggested a slow, gentle 2 mile jog, just to see if the two sides could begin some level of reconcilliation. While balking at first, legs grudgingly went along. Brain offered to stop and have a slow, easy stretch at the usual spot, a third of a mile along. Legs seemed appreciative, though didn't want to show it too quickly. However, after a mile or so, the two sides were talking more and, upon realizing it was only two miles, both sides were smiling at the end.


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