Tuesday, April 18, 2006


ORN: 5 miles, decent pace

The Boston Marathon happened yesterday. Big news in running, even in the regular sports pages. But unlike most big events, regular folks can participate.

We had several from our local running club run. And, in some cool technology, each time they ran over the timing mats at 10km, half marathon, 30km and finish, they could select up to three email addresses to fire off the time! Sooooo, working with our local club's webmaster, several of our runners chose an local club email address that he set up to then zap our entire running club with the progress! The bottom line was about 20 emails informing us of the pace and progress of our local pals!

It gets better.....

This morning on my regular running route, I saw the wife of one of the guys who ran. She was getting her daily run in and I could greet her, knowing Tony's time already and the fact that the second half of the race must have been tough! She filled me in on the details and how the late hills gobbled him up. Yet the experience was awesome.


A world class event. And, in the very same event, regular folks participating, at the same time, over the same course. Would I ever get to see a single pitch at a game in Wrigley Field?? I wish, but no, never. A chance to make an inbounds pass to a fellow Boilermaker at Mackey Arena? Nope. Run in a race with world-class runners? Yep.

Very cool.



Running Chick said...

this is one of the things i just *love* about running...i may not be an 'equal' with the world class runners, but we get access to the same race course. technically, i even have a chance of winning. technically. =)

Darrell said...

Do I detect an itch for Boston? It looks like you've jumped right back into training after St. Louis. That half is coming up fast.