Saturday, April 29, 2006

A better Ten-Miler

ORN: 10.2 miles, 1:36:54, 9:30 pace

I was seriously hoping for a pain-free long run this morning and I got it. Did some extra stretching of the Left ITB (per Susie's suggestion..thanks!) and got through the entire run with no knee problems. I kept holding back, not wanting to push it too much, figuring if it could heal up with moderate effort, it would be wise.

So, the splits for today turned out to be:

9 44, 9 14, 9 43, 9 26, 9 36;
9 22, 9 41, 9 29, 9 36, 9 14 and 1 44 (@ 8 42 pace)

Not awesome, but I'm pleased.

I was into the run and other thoughts so much this morning I completely passed my first stashed water bottle. I've found a perfectly-shaped-for-a-water-bottle crook in a tree at a spot I pass three times on my long run. I fill up an old soda bottle and can stick it there the night before a long run, as it is right on my way home from work. And I almost spaced the first pass this morning. Not so much a "runner's high" as a "runner's space."

So, next Saturday, a half marathon in Indy. Weather is always a can get warm and muggy by the first weekend in May here...we'll see how it turns out. Do I go for a sub 2?? Right now I'm thinking I will.


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